Probably you would know of my old blog. It has not had updates since more than three years ago, mainly because I don’t like to write. In fact, I created it just to show my progreses on the development of PirannaFS as a requeriment for the Universitary Free Software Championship, and since lately I have been focused on NodeOS, I have been using its own blog instead.

But recently a friend of mine asked me, “how is possible that being so much intelligent you don’t have almost online reputation?”. Reason is, obviously, because I don’t like too much both writing nor social networks.

But he was right, I need to improve my “personal signature” and my online presence, so since I’ve started last week a new personal project, it was the perfect time to start a new blog talking about my progresses. Don’t expect posts longer than this one, in fact I’m willing to use it in the way Medium was originally created, that’s it, to just write some texts longer than a tweet, so this probably will be just a collection of random notes, links and remainders of my projects development to share it with others. Something like Tumbler, but for computer notes instead of hipster Lomo or pr*n pics. This will also help me to have an online public backup of my “development log files” that I’ve started to do to help me when writing my technical articles and papers, so everybody wins :-)

Oh, by the way: my new mad-scientist crazy-project is wasmachine, an implementation of WebAssembly in a FPGA… and I’m loving it :-P

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