We All Are NOT Equal

During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Donald Trump said “We all are equal, totally equal, in the eyes of the Almighty God”.

He said this within 24 hours of his administration rescinding protections for transgender students in public schools which granted them the right to use restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identities.

He has said this while his administration is working on a new “Travel Ban” which as the new White House policy adviser Stephen Miller put it is “fundamentally” the same as his first travel ban which was branded by his critics (myself included) a Muslim Ban.

He said this while Jewish centers all over the United States are getting bomb threats and he stayed silenced. He tweeted about Nordstrom. He tweeted about Meryl Streep. He tweeted about Saturday Night Live. He tweeted about Celebrity Apprentice. He tweeted about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He never ONCE tweeted about the growing anti-semitism in America. He never tweeted ONCE about mosque attack in Quebec by a white nationalist that left six dead and multiple others wounded. When asked about the growing anti-semitism in America by a Jewish reporter, Trump told him to sit down and shut up. When asked again by another reporter at the joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump boasted about his electoral college win.

He said this while hundreds of immigrants where ripped from their lives and families by ICE and prepared to be deported to countries that they haven’t lived in for many years, in some cases endangering their lives.

He said this while accusing hundreds of people who opposed the repealing of Affordable care act in their town halls of being paid protestors.

He said this just a little after calling the Media, the enemy of the American people.

Being and atheist, I cannot attest as to whether or not we all are equal in the eyes of the almighty god, but I can tell you this, we all are NOT equal in the eyes of Donald Trump, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic president of these United States of America.