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If you are like me when it comes to keeping up with and learning about Bitcoin, then you scour the interwebs for legit information and sources. This can be really challenging in this space. There are so many voices and so many opinions, it is really hard to sort fact from fiction. I luckily stumbled upon The World Crypto Network youtube channel and spent hours listening to various shows they host on their channel. Vortex’s show, “The Bitcoin News Show,” really resonated with me, and I was quickly hooked. Instead of being just another talking head, he actually gets legitimate minds in the space from contrasting opinions and either interviews them individually or as a panel. It’s no bullshit, with no fluff. I have learned so much from these shows, that I reached out to Vortex and asked if I could interview him. He was such a humble and cool dude, that I wanted to tell his story. I caught up with him this last week and this is what he had to say.

Common avatar used by @theonevortex

How might people know you?

I am a Bitcoin Evangelist and Speaker and I am the host of, The Bitcoin News Show, on The WorldCryptoNetwork YouTube Channel. I also appear on many other CryptoCurrency podcasts.

How can people follow you? Social Media

@theonevortex on Twitter is where most of my online activity flows through.

When did you become interested in Bitcoin and Crypto?

I first heard of bitcoin in the Gawker article in 2012 talking about the silk road. I, like everyone else, dismissed bitcoin at first as just another internet currency like World of Warcraft gold.

What is the single best experience you have had in this space?

Meeting everyone from the WCN in real life.

Tell us your biggest crypto fail.

Not buying Ethereum.

Best tips you can give anyone new to the Bitcoin and Alt-Currency world?

Like anything else, choose who you follow wisely. Do your research because no one person is going to be correct in this space. There are many, many views and it’s up to you to decide which one works for you.

What do you do for fun when you are outside the Cryptosphere?

Bitcoin is pretty much my life now, but I do enjoy video games and making electronic music on my iPad.

@theonevortex in action on his podcast “The Bitcoin News Show,” on WCN

You do a very awesome podcast on the Crypto space that more people should know about. What inspired you to start down this path and how has this evolved into where you are today?

I first started The Bitcoin News Show in late 2015 because I was not happy with the mainstream media coverage of Bitcoin. There also were not very many Bitcoin podcasts out there like there is now. During the 2 year bear run after the rise to $1200 many people exited the space and the media attention died down to almost nothing. I felt there needed to be a voice in the space of truth, not motivated by profits, that could honestly help people figure out the real implications of this brand new asset class we now call blockchain.

Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic on @thevortex podcast

What message do you want to get out there with your podcast?

Really the biggest reason for the podcast is just to get the truth out there. There are just so many scammers in this space right now that this is creating a lot of confusion. It’s important to me that people understand what is and is not a scam.

I notice you have a lot of very well respected voices and contrasting opinions on your show. How have you been able to get these people together to discuss the things that all of us regular people want to learn more about?

Pretty much every single special guest and panelist on the show was contacted via Twitter. I am just a web developer with no prior investment history so there are not very many people that would be willing to speak with me unless I prove that I know what I’m talking about in Bitcoin. Through my Twitter account I have established an identity that very much cares for Bitcoin and wants to see it succeed. I think people can see my passion for the space shine through wholeheartedly.

@worldcryptonetwork live stream from 8/1/17

What is one of your most memorable podcasts and why?

Well recently one of the more memorable podcasts was not from my show, but was still on the WCN. That was the episode where Tone Vays, Jimmy Song and Thomas Hunt covered the launch of bcash for a full 8 hours. That was our highest viewed episode and really catapulted us into the stratosphere recently with views. Our views had been steadily climbing, but certainly got a boost from that episode.

Who do you follow or listen to, as well as who would you recommend to follow in the Cryptosphere?

I follow over 200 people on twitter. It’s hard to only pick a few. I highly suggest viewing the list of people that I follow. They are all very intelligent people in the space.

What is your affiliation with @WorldCryptoNetwork?

I came to the WCN in 2015 wanting to take part on The Bitcoin Group. However, they mentioned that they would prefer me to start my own show and see how well that goes. So that’s what I did. I am simply a member of the WCN, but am not a controlling interest. The main person behind the WCN is @madbitcoins (Thomas Hunt).

You are very active on social media. What sites would you recommend to new people as well as veterans in this space?.

Really all the news sites these days are pretty terrible. I recommend Twitter over any news site. Getting the truth directly from the people in the space is very important. The media will always create more drama than is really there, sensationalized headlines and flat out lie to improve their bottom line.

The show format includes panels of various voices from the space.

The show format includes panels of various voices from the space.

Where do you see your podcast going in the next 5 years?

Haha 5 years is wayyyy too long to think about in the Bitcoin space.

Where do you see Bitcoin going in the next 5–10–20 years?

If it continues on it’s current trajectory it’s set to become the world reserve currency sometime in the late 2020s. Bitcoin will democratise money like the internet democratised information. Bitcoin will create truly free markets and a monetary system accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Bitcoin will connect the world like never before and provide opportunity to those currently suppressed by big banks and governments.

What do you see in Bitcoin and crypto that others (people outside of crypto) might not see and how do you see it evolving over time?

Bitcoin is currently only on layer 1 of a new and open, global, permissionless payment network and monetary system outside of the state. People see bitcoin as simply a slow & expensive Paypal right now, but it is destined to become so much more. It’s a lot like the internet in the late 80s. You couldn’t really do much, everything was difficult to use, but you could see the potential for a more connected world. Bitcoin will likely play out like the internet, where at first it is clunky to use, but in another decade becomes the underlying technology that everything runs over the top of. All telephony now runs over tcp/ip. Soon all finance will run over Bitcoin.

Where can people read more of your stuff or listen to your podcasts?

You can find me on Twitter at @theonevortex and you can find all my podcasts on The World Crypto NetworkYoutube Channel.

Last thoughts?

This is indeed one of the most exciting times in history to be alive as we reshape our planet with the internet. Like Andreas once said, Bitcoin is the third wave of the internet, the first two being the web and then social media. We are reshaping how our societies operate, how we organize and transmit information, and how we communicate with each other. In the end, Bitcoin is just another language and everything becomes easier when we can all communicate together in the same language.

Make sure to follow @worldcryptonetwork and @theonevortex and keep up with the latest Bitcoin news and trends. I have no affiliation to them. I am a fan and supporter like so many others.

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