I suppose the first thing to say is that I can be quite cerebral at times. Some people like that about me. Others don’t. I just hate small chat. Especially weather. It’s a very British thing and i know we all hate talking about it. But we still do. It infuriates me. There are of course other examples. Politics, price of things, X-factor…stuff like that. Do I always want to talk about deep and meaningful things? Hell no. I occasionally do want to talk about really brainless Sci-fi movies or the perils of cyclists on the road. I call it the “Grey-Zone”. Come at me with the “chit-chat” and I will go to my happy place. Come with a problem or a deep issue and the likelihood is I will engage with that.

Ok. So introduction over. What’s bugging me today? Memes on Facebook mostly. However, I suppose today’s thought that I had was this. We all want deep and meaningful connects with people. A great deal of people deny that they do but i do wonder…playing hard to get? But what is it they want to connect over? To relieve anxiety? To feel wanted? Or safe? Or important?

How is that best achieved? The digital world is undoubtedly taking over. I’ve recently been talking to a pregnant woman on the brink of depression. We’ve enjoyed each others conversations. Connection. One of my friends will go and see his GP to discuss his worries and fears and not a minister. I wonder if this is strange. A devout Athiest-is that his pastor? Regardless, this is way of connecting. Some people have animals or pets. I am begining to understand this.

So here’s the question. If you are depressed, do you lose all your connections at once or slowly? Do you disconnect with friends first, then family and then lastly your God, Gods or spiritual strength? I look at this as symptoms of an organic problem. Still I do wonder. The depressed person who we should really worry about is the one that does not seek help.

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