In my efforts to write more, I’ve also found myself reading more. In this piece by @oliverburkeman, I finally found some language I can borrow to explain a problem I’ve been experiencing lately. Talking about the Inbox Zero phenomenon and the pressure we feel to be more and more productive, Oliver writes:

You can seek to impose order on your inbox all you like — but eventually you’ll need to confront the fact that the deluge of messages, and the urge you feel to get them all dealt with, aren’t really about technology. They’re manifestations of larger, more personal dilemmas…

I must confess, I’ve written too many “first” blog posts. I had every intention of bringing those “firsts” out of a mere draft status and into a proud published state. Oh how grand it would be! The public proofs of my efforts. A pipeline for prospective work. A place to polish my professional and interpersonal skills. The potential prosperity and popularity that could arise from the proclamation of my ponderings. To finally have a real honest to goodness blog! …


I do software. Always looking for good things to do well. I also write occasionally.

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