A New Beginning

{Insert what will hopefully be a series.} These will be my unedited tales, apart from editing grammar and spelling errors as needed. Writing short stories makes me happy, so I’m going to stop saying “one day” and actually start writing them. I’m not going to sit on these stories forever, trying to fix them and make them better. Young me used to write short stories in pen, so there was no editing or dwelling or erasing (shoot, I used to do my math homework in a purple pen). That’s what I want to do again. Just write freely. So here we go…. My unedited tales.

I wrote this in a text today, “You’re an assassin’s assassin. And you’ve got a close relative who’s an awful person, and you’ve been assigned to taking out his killer. But relative is like … super bad, and you’re internally conflicted on doing your job or letting relative die.” Not sure what that’s about. And also, my friend WhiteNoise showed me a list on tumblr that included 52 short story prompts. The first is “a story entitled ‘a new beginning.’” So… here goes.

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