5 Domain Names that Stand Out Online (And Why)

Last month, we shared five tips for selecting a domain name that stands out. Today, we’re highlighting what happens when you put those tips into action. It’s easy to differentiate websites from one another based on their visual design. However, as users navigate a website there are key ingredients that make it even more user friendly and memorable, which is why we believe the blueprint of a website is crucial to making the selected domain name effective.

To help illustrate and inspire your site, we’ve identified a few of our favorite sites and mapped their blueprint back to the domain name. It wasn’t easy — there are so many great examples out there — but below are five domains that successfully implement the tips we shared last month:

  1. charity: water
    charity: water — charitywater.org — is one great example of putting our tips into practice. First, the organisation uses its full name as the domain, which allows for easy identification. Also, the organisation keeps it straightforward, without using hyphens or numbers. Finally, charity: water’s domain name passes our elevator pitch test: if you have 15 seconds to sell your organisation, how would you leave the conversation? “Check us out at charitywater.org” is quick and easy to remember. Take a look at its site below and see how it aligns with the organisation’s overall mission:

2. Google.org

Yes — we all know Google as the search engine. But did you know it has a philanthropic arm? Google.org is Google’s online home for its high-impact grants awarded to nonprofits using technology and data in innovative ways. This is a great example of finding a domain extension

that aligns with your mission or cause. By using the .org domain, Google differentiates its charitable endeavors from its commercial activities, and illustrate its commitment to its cause. Google.org is able to truly demonstrate their passion and dedication to giving back.

3. TechSoup

Our friends at TechSoup — techsoup.org — understand what it takes to stand out. Right off the bat, their domain name describes their brand. Additionally, they are using a domain that aligns with their mission, which is also clearly profiled at the top of their site — “Power up your social impact.” Their website, coupled with their domain, profile a winning combination that best suits their needs. With a simple and user-friendly design, TechSoup not only draws in visitors but provides them with a range of resources to power their needs.

4. American Diabetes Association

Next on our list is the American Diabetes Association or diabetes.org. One of the tips we called out in the last post talked about being clear, concise and memorable, and this domain takes that to heart. If they used their entire association name, the domain would be a mouthful, not passing our elevator pitch test. By selecting “diabetes.org,” it’s clear that their website is dedicated to diabetes. Their domain name ties back to their overall mission, which you can’t miss on their homepage. See for yourself:

5. Change.org

Last but certainly not least is Change.org — a site and organisation that is known by their domain. In case you didn’t notice, the domain .org is highlighted in the organisation’s name and helps demonstrate their mission to enable anyone, anywhere to connect and discuss a shared interest, mission, passion or cause through petitions. Check it out:

Of course, there are so many other amazing examples of domain names and how they align with their brand, mission or cause. Do you know of additional websites that stand out? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!