Coherence (2014)

Mumblecore is saving independent American cinema. Thank you, Primer.

The great thing about mumblecore are the ideas. There’s basically only focus on the plot, the story — usually what matters most with new screenplay writers.

Director / writer James Ward Byrkit changed pace completely from his previous work, the Johnny Depp led animation Rango.

Coherence tells the story of a dinner night between a group of adult friends. A comet is supposed to pass close to Earth and, according to loony records, strange things happen when they do — could be unrelated, of course. But then: metaphysics, Schrodinger’s cat, parallel dimensions. The night turns into a sci-fi thriller that, as usual, leaves the characters (and the audience) not knowing what the hell is going on.

As someone mentioned on a review here on Letterboxd, it’s odd when Enemy, The Double, Edge of Tomorrow and The One I Love get released all in the same year. More curious than that is how all of these actually manage to use similar ideas but in original ways, standing out from each other and being standalone entertaining films.

However, Coherence goes further than that and, while being extremely low budget (less than 70,000), manages to be lighthearted, intense and provoke quite a few jump scares.

One of the year’s best.

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