So, last night the Emmys happened, the biggest award show for TV. Personally I enjoy and trust the Golden Globes more but here’s what you might have missed, with some comment.

The opening was a nice little mix of silliness and accuracy (“so many shows, so little time”). If you’re reading this, you probably feel the same.

Let’s start with comedies. HBO’s VEEP won five awards. All in comedy categories: lead actress (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), supporting actor (Tony Hale), writing (for Election Night), casting and series. The latest VEEP season was arguably the show’s best, so all those are fair. Spoiler: it’s really funny.

However, Julia Louis-Dreyfus winning meant Amy Poehler losing. A damn shame, especially after six years of Parks & Recreation, another of TV’s best recent comedies.

Poehler didn’t really mind.

HBO also dominated when it came to limited series. Olive Kitteridge won SEVEN awards. Best miniseries, lead actor (Richard Jenkins), lead actress (Frances McDormand), supporting actor (Bill Murray!), directing (Lisa Cholodenko), writing (Jane Anderson) and casting.

McDormand gave a very short, but succint and on point speech.

So, go watch that show.

Jill Soloway (directing in comedy) and Jeffrey Tambor (actor in comedy) won for Transparent and both thanked the support and raised awareness of the transgender community and the problems it deals with in the US. Soloway mentioned the Transequality website for the cause. Amazon’s fantastic show also won best main theme, costumes and guest actor in comedy (Bradley Whitford).

Tracy Morgan made an appearance and made us smile, after being in a hospital for months thanks to a car accident that killed his friend and broke his leg, femur, nose and several ribs.

For supporting actress in comedy, Allison Janney won again for Mom. Her second Emmy for the character. Amazing actress, amazing show.

And the hilarious Amy Schumer won best comedy sketch series. If you haven’t seen a sketch from the show, what are you doing with your life?

Now, for the dramas: Orange is the New Black’s Uzo Aduba won supporting actress and delivered one of the most emotional speeches of the night.

Another fantastic actress with an even more powerful and important speech was Viola Davis, best actress winner. She was the first woman of color to ever win the award. So if you think racism is over, or white privilege isn’t real, think again.

Jon Hamm, after six years playing the iconic Don Draper on Mad Men, finally got his Emmy. It was the first acting Emmy the show ever won. I mean, come on.

And Game of Thrones took the remaining major awards (best drama, actor with Peter Dinklage, directing and writing). Not to mention some technical ones, making the ballot count go to 12. The Emmys rewarded Game of Thrones who, on its worst season, abused rape plot lines in order to be shocking and dramatic, a move that made many fans (myself included) drop the show.

Can’t win them all.