Top 10 tips before hiring a criminal attorney

“You will be hearing from my lawyer.” It is a very common line which we frequently hear in different movies and television shows. But is it really that easy to hire a lawyer for your case or you need a proper planning? A legal case which could put you in prison cannot be neglected and overlooked. especially if it is a criminal case and could put felony charges on you. So you require a criminal defense attorney who could not only save you from going to the prison but can clear your records too.

So before going for selecting an attorney for your case, you need to think about various possibilities related to your case and whether you can hire a defense attorney or not. Fighting a case against you is always tiresome, expensive and bring mental trauma to you. So an experienced and capable attorney can prove your innocence and save you from a harsh punishment.
Before going to hire an attorney to your case there are following tips which could prove helpful for you-

1. Take referrals from your relative, colleagues, and friends-
It is the best practice to first ask from relatives, family members, colleagues and close friends about your problem and takes their suggestions. Ask them whether they know any competent attorney who has previously helped any one of them. If you are not fully satisfied then you can go for a number of attorneys to consult about your case. You can even ask the contact numbers of their previous clients who can tell their experiences with the particular attorney.

2. Talk clearly about his fee-
Money matters most. After proper consultation related to your case, you should clearly talk to him about his fee and other charges. Get a proper estimate that how much amount you will have to pay to the attorney overall. It is better to make a written statement signed by both parties about the fees and different charges. Most attorney charges as service per hour, so better negotiate their rate before saying yes.

3. Go for any attorney who is expert in his field-
There is various attorney different from each other according to their expertise and experience. Some attorney is better in handling domestic violence cases, some have experienced in DUI(Driving Under Influence) charges, some have handled cases related to juvenile criminal cases. So go to that attorney who is expert in handling such cases related to your problem.

4. Hire local attorney-
It is always beneficial for a client if he hires a local attorney. An attorney who is familiar with your locality and your district court is in a better position to negotiate on your behalf. It will also be helpful if the attorney is familiar with courtroom officials, rival attorney, and cops related with the case.

5. Ask for discounts-
Yes, you can ask an attorney for discounts or some reduction in his fees. Different attorney accepts a different set of fees as per their standard and expertise, but it does not stop you from asking them to reduce their fees for you. Tell them that you want to hire them for your case, but you are unable to pay that much fee, so it is a possibility that they can reduce their fee or can give you some compensation.

6. Do not hide anything from your attorney-
It is a firm fact that before hiring an attorney, you should consult him and tell him everything about you and about your case. Answer his every question and try to be positive in front of him. It will help the attorney to analyze your problem and get the best solution for you. Most attorneys give a free consultation in which they ask everything from you related to the case. So before going to any attorney for consultation prepare your statement and also bring documents which could be vital for the case. After the consultation, the attorney could tell you different pros and cons related to your case and possible outcomes.

7. Make sure you two get along-
It is very much important for you to have a good communication level with the attorney and you two should get along nicely. An attorney is always dependent upon his clients to gain various information at various levels of the case, so always be honest and answer every question your attorney asks you.

8. Read legal advertisement carefully-
Every attorney has some advertisement about him/herself in which they exhibit their experience and previous cases. There are some testimonials from their previous clients too. Read such advertisement carefully and compare your case with them.

9. Always have realistic expectations-
A competent attorney is always capable of helping you out of an uncomfortable and messy situation but it is also a reality that it depends on the severity of your case and various charges against you which shape the case. So have the realistic expectations from your attorney that he would try his efforts to win the case for you but there is not a security of it.

10. Analyze your situation-
Before going to the consultation and hiring the attorney, always evaluate your situation that whether you really need an attorney or could handle the situation yourself. There are some petty charges which could be handled easily.