An Incomplete Love Story.
Ashish Ranjan

Well ….. I dare to say that there are contradictions in his feelings!! But, there will be, bcoz the matter is related to heart where no logic is there, no practicality can’t be there!! I feel that he should stop mulling over it and keep it as a sweet memory!! And on her part, i think if she realised that she so much loves him even after break-up, then she needs to come out and face the music and unite with him. What is the point of saying ‘i love you’ and cant do anything about it? The story shows that he really loves her bcoz he believes all reasons of her, from breaking up to post break-up!! Am saying this bcoz if someone else says what she is saying post break-up, he would ve made sarcastic comment….haha. No pun intended, of course. I think he should be able to talk about it without pain. Love actually is a jeopardy!!

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