Best 5 business VPN providers 2019

Leon Pitalbon
Aug 9 · 4 min read

What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that encrypts your internet traffic by giving your business online privacy and anonymity. This service creates a private network from a public internet connection. The encrypted data tunnel which VPN creates helps your business, prevents cybercriminals from hacking into your WiFi connection and more. The internet traffic is redirected by a VPN through a specially configured remote server. All the data you send or receive is encrypted, so data looks like gibberish to anyone who might intercept it — it is impossible to read.

Why do you need a VPN for business?

Every business company needs a high level of security and protection if you are worried about your location or IP address being tracked by corporations and governments. Usually, businesses use a VPN to be sure that outside users accessing their data centers are authorized and using the encrypted channel. Sometimes they use it to connect to specific country to access sites that they need while working. While using a VPN service for business, you can secure your connection on any device. It is necessary for every company to ensure that employees can safely access company resources on any of their devices. These days, many businessmen travel while working, so it is crucial for corporate companies to protect remote workers as well. VPNs help to safely access company resources in conferences, hotels, cafes, and other public places. Therefore, now you know why your business needs security which a VPN can give. Below, we have compiled a list of five best VPN service providers, especially for those who own small to medium businesses.

  1. NordVPN Teams

It is one of the leading VPN brands that grew immensely popular this year. You can simplify your small to midsize businesses network security with NordVPN Teams. This VPN is recommended by famous sources as Forbes, BBC, BuzzFeed, The Guardian and many others.

Benefits that NordVPN Teams offers:

  • Dedicated IP or server deployment

All of your VPN accounts can get a dedicated IP address (individual or shared) for access to different services and databases.

  • Centralized billing

Whether you order VPN for your business, you can conveniently pay in one payment.

  • Privacy Regulation Compliance

Protect all data traffic in your company in compliance with the GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

  • Dedicated account manager

As NordVPN business client, you will receive an account manager who will personally address your needs and issues.

Read more about NordVPN Teams program

2. Perimeter 81

Another top-tier enterprise VPN provider that also offers great services and is easy to install by single-click client applications on any device. This VPN is trusted by well known sources as CIO Perspectives, TechWorld, Techradar and many others. Advantages that Perimeter 81 offers:

  • Control Teams Member Access

Add team members to your network, build multiple user groups and operate team permissions all in one management portal.

  • Manage Network Activity

Audit resource access, check bandwidth consumption and detect network abnormalities. Get the full picture with complete network visibility.

  • Get Private Servers and Static IPs

Deploy high-speed, private servers dedicated only to your business needs and secure your team’s resource access with dedicated IPs.

Read more about Perimeter 81 program

3. Zscaler

Zscaler Private Access is another software provider which offers zero trust access to private applications running on public cloud or within the data center. Zscaler Private Access

benefits for your small to midsize business:

  • Risk reduction

Authorized users have access to applications without the need to access the network.

  • App invisibility

With inside-out connectivity you get app invisibility.

  • Secured Apps

TLS-based encrypted tunnels and custom PKI which ensures that private apps will remain secure.

Read more about Zscaler program

4. Norton

Probably the lesser known from the list, but it also offers great VPN solutions for business. You can secure your business network easily by using Norton VPN.

These are the advantages of Norton business solution:

  • Public Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi hotspots which may be susceptible to hacking. Your connection is encrypted so your information is invisible to hackers and even internet Providers.

  • Access Content Anywhere

Global access to your important apps and websites from any place.

Read more about Norton program

5. Malwarebytes for business

May not be as known as the others, but still offers data protection that can help grow your business.

Benefits that Malwarebytes business solution offers:

  • Business protection

Website and ransomware blocking in a single integrated solution.

  • Centralized management

Management console gives threat visibility that is centralized, which in turn reduces efforts for single endpoint management.

Read more about Malwarebytes

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