Five Forgotten Flavourful Recipes from Pakistani Kitchen

Recommended world wide when it comes to food, Asian specially Ind-o-Pak food is famous for the savoury flavours and rich spices curry’s fill the mouth with immense taste and deliciousness.

In Pakistan to start and maintain anything and everything from huge business deals to start a marriage proposal food is the key.

In this blog, I will be writing about the forgotten treasures from Pakistani kitchens and it’s time to get them back and start tasting the old flavours that gives perfect taste to the mouth and satisfaction of mind.

1. Chana Pindi

A recipe as name suggest enriched with chickpeas “chana” with juicy flavours and the use of tea this is a perfect light summer dish to have with puri or naan.

2. Shahi Tukre

Kings sweet dish a bread pudding basically but as name is clearly indicating its shahi means it’s eaten widely as desert in Mughal emperor. A perfect blend of hot milk and spices including saffron and cardamom with soaked in bread pieces it is mouth watering and must try out desert.

3. The Bhindi Bites

the dish is full of Pakistani spices and flavours served with naan/chapati this main course is the best for lunch fried bhindi(ladyfingers) and torai (zucchini) are the veggies used while whole lot of spices with sweet fig sauce is made with this dish it’s a must for this summer.

4. Gajrella

A punjabi origin sweet dish very near to kheer but with full of carrot flavour this milky treat is cool and relaxes mind, taste delicious with rice and carrots in the milk this recipe is now long gone from Pakistani kitchens but to try flavours of Pakistan this is no exception.

5. Spicy Coconut Kabab and Pine Nuts Sauce

This tea time snack recipe is the best snack to have with tea and pine nuts sauce the flavours of spices and lots of vegetables including carrots, spinach and coriander are bursting with every bite you take.

above mentioned five recipes are not common anymore in Pakistan but they are signature recipes for flavours of Pakistan and now is the time to bring these back in our kitchens. Let’s try out the real flavours of Pakistan this year.