Why Only “HIM” !

Altaf Hussain yet again proved his existence in the hearts of people of Karachi, he boycotted PS-114 elections and despite of false media reports now even media confirmed the interest of people was equivalent to none and the voting turnout is less than 30%. Dr. Sattar and co. will cover the fact with “by-election is not a stage to judge” well I have straight forward answer for such covers and it is NA-246 by-Elections, firstly a show of huge strength! when one is politically challenged what is the best democratic response? it is to show what you got show your strength and popularity via your people as did by Altaf Hussain in NA-246 with a massive campaign a huge rally/Jalsa was witnessed by whole Pakistan and what a landmark victory that was for Altaf Hussain, here in PS-114 Dr. Sattar and co. fully politically challenged by their own maker/leader Altaf Hussain didn’t even tried to show any strength via public gathering because when they visited the area they felt the difference clearly in the charged lovers huge crowds chanting one name one slogan Altaf Hussain and the bunch of peoples without any intensity standing and clapping. So called MQM-Pakistan were so confident in their loss of grip without Altaf Hussain that they didn’t even bother to claim anything victorious for PS-114 except Mr. Sattar acted like PTI/JI earlier against MQM when Altaf Hussain was leading MQM, Dr Sattar and Co. cried for “Dhandhli/Rigging” similarly.

PS-114 is just a starter wait for main course and of course only after that the “Desert”

On the political grounds the political height of members of MQM-p is very low, they all know it is no patriotism to leave your leader after spending one night in Rangers headquarters, when there is a Bhutto in your history, a Shaheed Benazir, a Wali Khan in assembly, a Imran Khan abusing Army Generals, a Nawaz sharif to withdraw forces from Kargil, A Mustafa khar and etcetera, anyone who spoke against establishment is always considered anti-state in Pakistan but no one changed allegiance like that this is Pakistan and you are a civilian with democratic votes (thanks to Altaf Hussain) this is expected in Pakistan house arrests, plain clothed persons abduction is common if you speak out bitter truths and that’s what Altaf Hussain did and is continuing to do so.

New conspiracy that is launched now is connected and creating false stories about the role of Altaf Hussain in resolution in US senate and congress to change the non-NATO alliance status of Pakistan! yes it sounds delusional already, Role of Mr. Altaf Hussain in resolution in USA (Laughter). I remember when Scotland Yard freed Altaf Hussain of all charges the reaction of mature haters was “Altaf some how enforced the world most recognised judicial system to give decision in his favour” yes in Pakistan this kind of hate against a leader who raise the voice for 98% poor & middle class can be found same is the case with the resolution. Connection of haqani network and ISI is not hidden anymore is this Altaf hussain mistake? soft corners for every terrorist is present in a strong group of armed forces who are in leading positions, Pro taliban pro jihadist mindset is at its peak in a group of Pakistan Armed forces, unfortunately that group is the policy maker as well, but are these Altaf Hussain blunders and mistakes that Pakistan armed forces are in love with jihadists who have attacked Kashmir to Karachi? Altaf Hussain speaks blunt truth in the filthy face of Pak-Army leadership and they are unable to see such straight forward mirrors of their black deeds.

Altaf Hussain is and will be gaining more strength in upcoming months. Altaf Hussain will rise from urban sindh yet again, News is Hasan Zafar Arif may be opening 90(MQM-Altaf HQ) soon and Pakistan cannot afford more Indian held Kashmir like footage anymore so supposedly 90 is opening soon.

Mr. Hussain on the other hand should now understand that how state wants him eliminated by any means and he should try to fix loopholes as soon as possible and try to mend relations with establishment as well but no need for any compromise as the public the people of Karachi/Urban Sindh are standing with Altaf Hussain no matter what and PS-114 is latest proof of the love of people of Karachi towards Altaf Hussain. PS-114 is just a starter wait for main course and of course only after that the “Desert”.

It is his blunt truth telling and firm stand on his demands to give every citizen of Pakistan equal rights and equal opportunity on merit that people of urban Sindh wants him as a leader and only Him!