Flattening the curve. A visual metaphor that has been used to describe the reason for social distancing, staying home, and all of the other actions we are doing to minimize loss of lives. By flattening the curve, we’ve seen an infographic that depicts two curves with the horizontal line for medical capacity. A successful use of an infographic that led us at Pitch to question what the “real” curves look like as every state across the US imposes their own standards. So we created Ebb & Flow: COVID-19 Daily Cases Across the US.

The curves themselves are measurements of daily…

There’s little doubt that China has become a growing dominant influence in global financial initiatives. Since 2000, China has provided an upwards of $160 billion in development finance to the energy sector for foreign governments across the globe. To understand the scope and breadth of these investments, we worked with Boston University’s Global Economic Governance Initiative to create an interactive visualization–The China Global Energy Database–that allows you to explore China’s global investments.

In approaching this project, we were provided a dataset of finance projects detailed with many attributes, some of which included where the project was financed, what year, who…

Anyone watching the news lately has come across often heated discussions about executive orders. But what exactly are executive orders and what do they entail? More importantly, given the polarizing political spectrum as of late, how do executive orders of one president differ from another? In researching the answer to these questions, we came across several notable sources that would list out executive orders, such as the American Presidency Project but we wanted to have a more comprehensive tool that would let us view the orders, their differences and have the ability to research them deeper. So we built a…

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