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  • Lukasz Pawlowski

    Lukasz Pawlowski

    Program Manager at Microsoft, working on @MSPowerBI

  • Sarah Baron Brljevic

    Sarah Baron Brljevic

    Thinking bout Design

  • Michelle Killebrew

    Michelle Killebrew

    Global Marketing: IBM Social Business - Digital Marketing Maven (B2B & B2C), Web Analytics User, eCommerce Junkie, Tech Geek & dog lover. Opinions are mine.

  • Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly

    I'm Michael Kelly from Boulder, CO. I'm a triathlete, coach, and designer. I specialize in interaction design and data visualization.

  • David Ma

    David Ma

    Sydney based bioinformatician, data viz expert, foodblogger and community leader for /r/photography and /r/dataisbeautiful — Instagram: Frostickle

  • Rizky D. Novyantika

    Rizky D. Novyantika

    Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Dan Schwer

    Dan Schwer

  • Helge Munk Jacobsen

    Helge Munk Jacobsen

    Newly hatched data scientist eager to make the world less boring.

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