A summary of the articles that deal with my asylum claim and links to them all in one place

Summary — all my asylum information in one article — an index if you like and way to navigate the growing amount of information generated by the case.

Around May 2018 I come across a video on youtube about a New Zealand Occupy Activist whose experience mirrored to a large degree my own and finally made sense of what I’d gone through (Written September 7 2018)

A brief extract from my Asylum Appeal and also the bizarre attempt by Helsinki Police to get my Asylum Case voided by reccomending I take a Day Trip to Tallinn (written Dec 29th)

Transcript of 26 minutes of my asylum interview (written December 19 2017) — highlights how my verbal testimony was deliberately misrepresented:

A brief video intro to me and my case (written December 8)

A good overview of the events and articles that led to the events (Written October 18)

Probably the easiest place to start is with this summary of the events leading to me leaving Budapest after what I initially thought was a financially motivated hack of my laptops and phones. After two weeks and wiping all my devices around three times each I gradually am forced to admit that the hack is not financial and not the work of a regular attacker.

A slightly wider take on my recent past by reviewing the last 3 years of my life since leaving the UK and living between Asia and Budapest (Written Oct 21)

Next would be the longer term summary of my previous 3 years of my life which was split between Budapest and Asia and also addresses in some depth who I am as a person and my life over the last 3 years:

The strongest evidence related to the case and the details of the alleged persecution and detailed events and dates related to it (Written October 5)

Next would be the VERY long 51 minute very detailed account of the actual events of attempting to seek asylum in Sweden and Denmark and the EXTRAORDINARY refusal of the Police in those countries to even allow me to enter into the asylum process or EVEN have any sort of Police Report generated. Probably the strongest evidence of state level inteference is my treatment at the hands of the Police in Sweden and Denmark.

A question of competence (Written 20 October 2017)

Finally the latest development was the way the case was handled in Finland and the as yet rather inexplicable and unjustified use of Finnish Mental Health Act to terminate my asylum interview mid session by questioning my ‘legal competence’. This ‘error’ on the part of the Finnish Representative of the Immigration Department resulted in the Finnish Tax payer incurring an additional 8 nights in a evaluation ward which probably cost in the region of 700 Euros a day — so around 5,600 Euros wasted. Not only that it also required me to spend a week on a ward being evaluated EVEN though there were really no sound reasons for such evaluation — I’d already been closely evaluated between 27th September and 4th October — I was deemed fit to leave on the 2nd of October — there were ZERO clinical reasons to detain me or evaluate me any further.

Also as good as the Finnish psychiatric wards are (and they are world class as I’ve worked in probably close to 50 psychiatric wards while a medical student in London, 1994–1997 and and also during my second degree at City University between 1998 and 2000 ) spending time around acutely mentally ill people 24/7 for 8 days is no holiday!

Also by assigning me a doctor who was about to go on holiday an additional 6 nights was spent in the hospital — again the cost of this poor planning for the Finnish tax payer was around 700 euros a night or 4200 euros. Probably much more than the doctors holiday cost I’m sure!

The Finnish representative of the Immigration service who started this chain of events leading to my evaluation for 8 nights was around 25 years of age. I was initially willing to comply with the requested evaluation as I felt that given the highly unusual nature of my asylum case that it was fair for the Finnish authorities to have due chance to properly investigate my claims, my background and me as a person.

I have given them that chance (and some!) and afforded them UNRESTRICTED access to all aspects of my life and answered every conceivable question multiple times.

At this stage pretty much every relevant detail of my life is on public record either on medium, linkedin (linkedin.com/in/ammasdavid) or within the case notes attached to dealings with Finnish medical personnel. Its about time to reciprocate the goodwill I’ve extended in trusting myself to this process and taking me at my word and looking into the claims I’ve made and investigate them fully.

The mis-representation of my verbal testimony from my asylum interview (Written October 26 2017)

On October 26th 2017 I re-listen to the audio recordings of my asylum interview from October 11 and am shocked to hear on re-listening that so much of my testimony is actually intentionally mis-represented to damage my credibility and minimise my claims.

Political Abuse of Psychiatric Detention and Diagnosis as it relates to my case (Written Oct 28 2017)

A brief summary of the mis-use of detention and diagnosis as it relates to my case. Very specifically I’ve always maintained that while what I claim is pretty far fetched it does indeed happen occasionally. So to that extent its deserving of some investigation — particularly in the light of the detailed presentation of my evidence — the most compelling of which is my treatment at the hands of the Police in Malmo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

The specific Police Encounters to which I refer as the strongest evidence Politically Motivated Persecution relates to the series of encounters I had between September 25 and September 26 — these are shown briefly below:

  • Summary of Police Encounters: September 25 to September 26 is dealt with above (6 police encounters in approximately 32 hours (5.30pm on the 25th to 11.30pm on the 26th) over the course of Malmo MMX Airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), Copenhagen Central Train Station and Helsinki Airport.

A summary of the officials I’ve spoken with and catalogue of the number of times I’ve recounted events as they have occurred with regard to my asylum claim (Written Oct 28)

I’ve decided to catalogue my dealings with officials as it now forms a narrative in and of itself. So here goes — the first part is written above and details my dealings with Police in Malmo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

As events started in early September 2017 I’ll also include preceding events as they are pertinent too — the article is here:

My asylum seeking life in stats (Written Oct 29)

A brief run through the stats as they relate to my case