Securing free speech
Ben Werdmuller

Ben, could I ask that you check my article briefly — my basic position is that we have freedoms until those freedoms cause harm or threat of harm. I only really reference the Declaration of Independence

Oustide of a real republic (law and freedom with force of law) then Gene Sharp is the man— are you familiar with Gene Sharps work which is more akin to civil disobedience as lever of change. Sharps fundamental point if that the oppressors main advantage is their access to force then its futile to try and overpower them. Sharp’s work relates to the idea that government is dependent on the goodwill of the people, their consent which can be withdrawn. Proof of this has been the use of Sharps work throughout the Arab Spring. The pillars of government rest on the goodwill of the armed forces, the civil servants, and the regular public — should all of these ‘pillars’ weaken then it is likely that a change of goverment is imminent.

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