“ In the New World in which the pilgrims ‘discovered’ these inalienable rights then — if they…

Hi John, writers of the Dec of Indep. were pretty smart people — they were documenting what they had discovered were the inalienable and valid ‘in perpetuity’. Have a look at Kant’s four styles of Govt — we both agree — for the — Kant concluded the same as Russell — “For there to be such a state, force must be included while law and freedom are maintained, a state which Kant calls a republic.” (from wikipedia). The ONLY place our inalienable rights are PRESENT and SAFE is in a true republic. Inherent to a republic is force with freedom and law.

Kant identified four kinds of government:

  1. law and freedom without force (anarchy)
  2. law and force without freedom (despotism)
  3. force without freedom and law (barbarism)
  4. force with freedom and law (republic)
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