Papaya Leaf Extract as a way to prevent Malaria and Dengue

A cheap homemade solution is much better than the very toxic anti-malarials we have at present

PROBLEM — preparation of papaya leaf for internal use is quite obscure and time consuming and is much better used prophylactically than curatively. Also the leaf is seasonal so you really only have maybe 6 months of the year to with easy access to mid mature leaf. Also not also areas affected by malaria/ dengue have easy access to papaya leaf year round.

SOLUTION: mass produce locally using low tech whetagrass juicers, preserve in alcohol and make available at cost +10%

In asia when people have dengue or malaria some go to papaya leaf for a safe quick cure. They use around 4 or 5 (equivalent of 1.5ml to 7.5ml) leafs and day and manually extract using low tech pestle mortar and muslin:

Papaya leaf extract is both a wonderful and hideous thing. The taste is probably one of the hardest to ever get used to. The effects though are quite honestly astounding and it still amazes me why nobody in asia is making this more easily available.

Papaya leaf has the following charateristics:

- long history of safe use

- scientifically tested (double blind clinical trials) STUDYING FRESH EXTRACT USAGE

- already used by westerners with chronic or acute illness and recommended by peer group

- low to zero toxicity — hence they are VERY safe to use and even in high dosage will have minimal adverse effects (maybe an upset stomach but nothing more)

It was because of this that I went on a papaya leaf odyssey over the last 3 years trying to figure out a way to bring it to the masses cheaply and easily. I soon concluded from research of herablism that a well prepared extract is about as close as you get to the fresh plant.

I FAILED. But I do want to give away freely the knowledge I accumulated over that time to kickstart any other would be entrepreneurs of do gooders who would like to champion this cause.

My figures and research are from the 2014 mainly.

GOAL — lets cost out a 1 year supply for one person if doing it prosumer ‘homestyle’

Fresh Organic Papaya Leaf Extract preserved in pharmaceutical grade alcohol 95% proof. This is as close as you can get to the fresh leaf. To extract I’m using a professional stainless wheatgrass juicer ($350 from ebay us + $250 shipping to thailand) and pharmaceutical grade alcohol (ethyl alcohol, the type which is safe for internal use) which at the time of writing was around $10 for 4 litres.

To produce 1.5 litres I use the following:

750ml of at 95% proof pharmaceutical grade alcohol from Thailand where I happened to be at the time (whole bottle $10 aprox, 750ml cost around $2.50) — shown below

750ml of fresh papaya leaf (10kg of fresh MID MATURE, approx 30cm at widest point, papaya leaf that is processed through a commercial wheatgrass juicer to give approximately 750ml of dark green extract — 750ml of fresh extract is equivalent to 750,000mg of fresh extract — 1ml is 1000mg).

Approx 50% of the alcohol can be easily removed if needed prior to consumption with leaving a few teaspoons of the extract in a glass of warm water. Pharmaceutical grade alcohol is the preferred preservative as it results in a product with 5+ year shelf life. Also it results in an extremely concentrated and easily transported formulation.

The juicer I used as pictured was bought on ebay for about $350 (i got a good deal) but shipping to Thailand was around another $250:

The resulting alcohol based extract has many uses and can be stored for 5 years and will retain almost full potency for that period.

Cost of leaf — about $5 per 10kg ($0.5 per kg) when buying in bulk near Vientiane, Laos in 2013.

Notes about strength and potency:

Given that people with dengue take around 15000mg (1 tablespoon of fresh extract) to 75,000mg (5 tablespoon of fresh extract) a day of the fresh extract you can see that taking a decent dosage is pretty important. I take around 5ml a day as a preventative measure — one teaspoon morning and evening (one teaspoon = 5ml = 2.5g of fresh extract + 2.5 ml grain alcohol). Which means that 750,000mg of extract will last 150 days if I use this much per day.