Slavery never stopped — we just changed the definition of ‘free’

Orwell calls a manipluation of language DoubleSpeak — its the process by which we remove inalienable rights

The US prison business has never been better. Coprorate profits never higher. At no time in our collective history has wealth of half the planet been concentrated into 62 individuals. Spending on military, armed forces, policing, border control, surevillance has sky rocketed. if you’re in business then these are the ‘HOT’ areas. Conversely education, healthcare, housing and peoples real buying power has all decreased. Along with forests, vast species, clean oceans, clean air, decent food and stable temperatures. Its confusing right? I mean thats just the way things work in market driven economies, right?

Umm, not exactly. Let me explain. Ayn Rand viewed humans as cogs in a machine — we were useful to the extent that we served the output of the machine. With her philosophy came a range of de-humanising measures such as KPI’s etc. How you view a human and a humans inherent worth is everything. Not that long ago we literally traded humans aboard ships much as we trade coal or oil these days. While our means may have become more subtle the effect is no less chilling.

As outlined in the first paragraph — we have simply used a more complex set of languages and artifices to effect the same result — the result being what Orwell would describe as an Orwellian Police State which is charaterised by:
  • a superstate, with omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation
  • A world allegedly in a perpetual state of war (allegedly because with control of the media this is how its presented)
  • a ruling party which is interested solely in power. Power used entirely for its own sake.

We can recognise such a police state by its results — not the stated goals but the actual goals.

“Look at what I do rather than what I say do logic.”

Actual goals in this case would mean observable fact. If a man keeps telling his wife he loves her but continues to beat her then we can observe that despite his own beliefs we have observable evidence to the contrary. So in our current society if it is indeed a police state as opposed to a Kantian Republic then we would find the following to be true:

extreme levels of:

  • conflict and ‘war’
  • incarceration
  • media manipulation
  • surveillance
  • social inequality
  • disenfranchisement from the levers of power
  • a new Ruling Elite who are extremely powerful and extremely wealthy

In a de facto Police State you have each of the inalienables (of the Declaration of Independence) turned on it’s head — a ‘freedom is slavery logic’ if you will that would read something like:

  2. We are here to ensure that people are threatened (AS ABOVE)
  3. We are here to ensure that people do what we say (aka cannot can live as they best see fit) SURVEILLANCE, DRACONIAN ‘LAWS’, MEDIA CENSORSHIP + MANIPULATION

The answer then lies first in recognising the problem. Awareness is the first step towards change.

Compare how a True Republic such as that described by the Founding Fathers might exist (note — it would have needed to explicitly include people of all color as at the time and ongoingly there has continued to be monumental injustices orchestrated against some social groups). In which larger structures in society are useful to the extent that they support or maximise:

  • personal liberty (you are FREE to live as you best see fit ALWAYS and for ALL TIME) Free education, free healthcare, good public infrastructure, open access to all professions and arts, no discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or sexuality, a largely even income base so that all enjoyed a good standard of living, a well respected and functioning judiciary and governmental system that was truly accountable and representative, a media in which functioned to support and disseminate fact
  • harm reduction (don’t harm EVER) Sound and proportionate judicial system to enforce the ‘principle of don’t harm or threaten’, excellent health care, excellent food, excellent enviromental protection including critically sound and careful ways to manage climate change, excellent disaster protection policies and procedures, policies to limit any untruths from being used in the media
  • threat reduction (don’t even threaten to harm EVER) as above
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