Now, a little over 4 years out of college, and I can confidently say that the life I have built for myself, I built on my own
The Brutal Truth About Growing Up In The Top 1%
Nicolas Cole

I just have trouble believing this. With how much opportunity you were given growing up, how can you definitively separate what you’ve accomplished independently and what your parents assisted with? For example: I assume receiving a college degree opened a lot of doors, and not having to pay for it may have allowed for you to be a little more liberal with post-graduation career choices than those who were saddled with college debt. I also assume you were only responsible for yourself upon graduation — none of your salary went to supporting your parents or other relatives? Another gift you can think their well-off status for. And then of course there’s the matter of health: growing up in an environment where all of your medical concerns can be met has drastic effects on your future health. So while I understand your career successes may be distinct from your parents influences, given that you chose fields in which they weren’t involved, I don’t think your life will ever be separate from the opportunities you had access to growing up, because there’s no way to separate those influences from who you are today.

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