A-frame with Angular : Setup Project

  1. Setup new Angular project → ng new ‘project_name’

2. Initialized NPM → npm init

3. Install “A-Frame” in NPM 
→ npm install aframe --reg https://registry.npmjs.org

4. Check ‘package.json’ and ‘node_module’ that make sure A-frame exist and added at dependencies.

Project.json → Added ‘aframe 0.6.0’
check node_modules that have aframe folder

5. Import A-frame at polyfills.ts (before zone.js)

6. Modify app.module.ts with CUSTOM_ELEMENT_SCHEMA

7. Test A-frame code (https://aframe.io/docs/0.5.0/introduction/)

8. done.

Ref: https://github.com/adriansol/Angular-CLI-Aframe

Ref: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44468787/angular-io-aframe-typings-error-with-three-js-cannot-find-namespace-three