A letter to my daughters: you can choose not to have a bad day

Bad days are like regular days. They are coincidences, health hazards; they are choices. Yes, you can choose to have a bad day. And you can choose to not have a bad day.

Today, I left just on time. I walked to the train station and when I get there I realized that I had forgotten my phone at work. My phone, with my T pass, my driver’s license, my money, my life. I had no choice than to walk back to my work.

I walked back to my job. And it was 4:20. I was going to be late picking you at daycare. I chose not to panic and I chose to take an Uber to my car. Uber was expensive, but I chose not to have a bad ending to my day. I chose not to have a bad day at the reasonable price of $20 + tip.

I chose not to have a bad day. Thank you Uber.

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