Interesting Life

I have been told several times by many different people from all walks of life, that I should write a book about my life; so I’m going to start small.

I was born in Orlando, Florida in a hospital that was called, no joke “Orlando Sanitarium and Hospital”. So that should tell you right there, my life has been interesting.

My dad was an electrical contractor with, “Continental Consolidated”. They where involved in the building of, Cape Canaveral and Norad. We moved around alot with my dad’s job in my early years. My parents had a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, (it was a boat) and that’s how we traveled. It was grand, all the beautiful scenery that I got to see, all the places we stopped at; such great memories. I remember starting first grade in Colorado Springs, CO; The elementary school had colored doors with the coolest (at the time) playground equipment. It was at the bottom of a hill, because I remember walking to school. I loved Colorado.

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