Agree with most of what you say, Peter.
Philip Temple

Hi Philip, I agree there is a tendency to lionise the foreign visitor who deigns to grace us with their presence. On the other hand let’s not forget Germany is a nation of 90 million with a history going back thousands of years. It’s one of the largest economies in the world and even their radio and film is dominated by English. The fact is the US/World lit/music/film industry dominates everyone.

I am really seeking equality of treatment for our lit with music and film. One of the things I find fascinating in producing my radio show is that there is so much good NZ independent music on NZonAir’s soundcloud channel. It takes all forms and genres too. This is overlooked by radio stations despite a lot of investment by NZOnAir. But by comparison NZ lit is completely invisible — other than the very small sample of literary prize winners. The money we spend on the other arts is pretty small beer but the amount we spend on promoting our own literature is truly pathetic.

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