Eventer the free solution to share pictures easily

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had all of last night’s fun pictures? Or gone on a holiday with friends and found it hard to get all the pictures from everyone?

Eventer is a hassle-free way of sharing and storing pictures whether you are at a concert, a birthday party, on holidays etc.

The system is simple : we came from the point that people are a bit fed up with applications and the picture easily, which can be shared to log in the application before using it, and if at least you need an external link to access to what you are searching in it, you did not want the people crazy !

So we launched this application by geolocalisation, by this way no needs of sending invitation to share the pictures, you are at the event you just open the app and you will see the event and even the pictures to be shared. The UIX is well done to give you a fast access to the album and help you to upload the pictures you made.

We did not want the people to pay for the tool so we made it free for private event. Also we created a nice amount of featured dedicated to professional event organizers. To create digital entertainment and communication we made an automatic branded layout system or created a Live projection software, connecting it to pro photographers and photobox.

We won’t send your data, copyright for pictures always belong to the uploader. By this way we made an non intrusive tool, creating community that you can use for any of your life’s events.

So be our guest, download it and use it for free : www.eventer.cc

Here is how it works: