My laptop newly minted with the badge for private Beta release in June 2021.

Weeknotes — Planning with a purpose #4

This week we started out with a very busy two days of planning for our quarterly roadmap update. We use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to provide us with a way of documenting our goals, and as a way to review and refine our mission. It was a great opportunity to get together to align our plans across teams for the next few months. It’s not often that we can come together so it’s both intensive and reassuring to know we are on track.

We had pop-up presentations over the two days for some of our core capabilities; Communications and change, Risk, Service management (which includes Cybersecurity, Release management and Client services), Content, Data, User research, ResearchOps, Benefits and DevOps. I wanted to go along to learn more from all of theses sessions, it was not entirely possible as we are still in the throws of getting our next private beta ready — so our team worked together to represent on each of these sessions.

We’re super excited about working with Cloud services, DevOps capability and Platform teams across the program as well as the other Taking Farmers to Markets (TFTM) teams for Profile, Live Animal Exports Discovery, Registration and Assurance in the coming weeks and months.

We have welcomed two new people into our team over the last week, Aruna will work with us on WebOps and Lachlan has joined as our Technology Lead. Very excited to have these two join us on the Dream team!

Recently we received a gift in the mail from our leadership team to say thanks for helping out on our beta release in June. It was a great little boost of appreciation, it’s often the little things that mean a lot. See it in my title image in pride of place on my Mac.

We have been doing a lot of work around alignment with the Meat modernisation area of Meat exports so that we can better understand how user needs and business strategy intersect. We met a few times, mainly around ensuring there is no data asymmetry across our services. Most of our effort is currently being spend on getting ready to test products with industry so that we fully understand their pain points.

It’s a short week next week and to kick ups of is Sprint 8 and a review meeting with our valued business and strategic partners across the group. Looking forward to this opportunity to inspect and adapt the products we’ve been developing together and get some continuous feedback loops going to support us in driving better outcomes for our clients in industry.