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At Pixc, our goal is to be a one-stop platform that can handle all of your photo editing needs. Our main product is called Retail Ready Photos. Retail Ready Photos helps you sell more products by improving the quality of your photos.

Simply upload your photos to the Pixc dashboard (or via one of our many integrations), and your photos will be returned, professionally edited within 24 hours! Our goal is to save you time and money by automating the process of creating high-quality photo edits.

What does the Retail Ready app do?

The Pixc Retail Ready app takes care of all of your eCommerce photo editing needs. Our specialty is in removing the existing background from product photos so they are on a clean, white background like so:

Having a white background for all of your product photos can not only improve your store’s look and sales, it is usually a requirement for selling on marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon.

But that’s not all we do, we can also handle:

  • Cropping and resizing of photos
  • Adding a drop shadow to products
  • Placing photos on a colored background
  • Placing photos on your own custom template

Not only can our platform save you time, our prices start from as little as $1.60 per image, making it a much cheaper alternative than hiring a graphic designer. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take quality seriously, our gallery shows offsome of the work we’ve done for customers.

We integrate directly with your eCommerce store so you can quickly choose which photos to have professionally edited. Your images will be processed and returned within 24 hours max!

But that’s not all.

You can use the Pixc platform to ensure your product photography can scale with your business. We help you do this by:

  • Integrating directly with your eCommerce platform to make editing, uploading and reuploading a snap.
  • Managing all of your product photos in the one dashboard.
  • Collaborating with your whole team via a multi-login system. Share designs amongst your marketers, designers and business departments using the one system.

How it Works

We’ve designed the Pixc platform to make the process of uploading, editing and re-uploading your photos as seamless as possible. Whether you’re handling 10 or 10,000 images, we’re ready to help! Our process normally goes as follows:

1. Upload your photos

You can upload your photos via the Pixc dashboard, through the Kit virtual assistant or directly via your store using one of our many integrations. We even accept orders via email.

If you are uploading via the dashboard, then we give the option of uploading directly from your computer, email or straight from a Dropbox account.

Source: Pixc FAQ

2. Editing and optimizing

We look at your image requirements and delegate the task to one of our professional photo editors who we think will be best suited for the job.

The editor completes all of your requirements and optimizes the image to the right dimensions and format.

3. Your Photos are Returned

In 24 hours or less, your photos will be professionally edited and ready to download. You can download them in a number of ways.

  1. Download them directly to your computer from the Pixc dashboard
  2. Download them to your Dropbox account
  3. Replace your old photos with the newly edited ones using one of our eCommerce integrations
Source: Pixc FAQ

We typically return files in a PNG format but can also work with you to return them in the format that suits your business best.

Automate your Advertising Campaigns with our Kit Integration

We’re always looking for innovative new ways to make the process of getting professional product photos easier. That’s why we’re excited to be the first photo-editing service to work with Kit, Shopify’s virtual assistant. Using Kit and Pixc, you can create Facebook and Instagram ready photos all through text message.

With Kit, you can have your product photos edited simply by texting your virtual assistant. There is no need to log in to any accounts or upload any file outside of Shopify. How does this work?

  1. Kit will send you a text when a new product is added asking if you would like the photo to look more professional.
  2. Reply “Yes”
  3. Pixc will format your photos so they look great on Facebook and Instagram
  4. Kit will ask if you would like to use this photo to run a campaign!

Who Retail Ready can Help

Product photography is a vital part of any eCommerce store, and indeed almost any website today, but we’ve seen first hand how the Pixc Retail Ready Photos app helps these customers in particular.


Photography can be a big expense when you’re just starting a new business. Not only is it one of the most time-intensive aspects, but unless you have experience with photography and photo editing or are hiring a third-party, you run the risk of poor-quality images that can create a negative image of your brand.

With Pixc’s Retail Ready plugins, you can get professional-quality images at an affordable price. What’s more, our photo-editing solution scales up with your business as you grow.


Running an eCommerce channel for your retail business has almost become a necessity — even local customers want to be able to browse through your products outside of store hours.

But delegating creative tasks like photo editing to your staff who don’t have that expertise can result in poor-quality photos while also taking them away from their main responsibilities.

With just a few simple clicks, Pixc’s Retail Ready App returns professionally edited photos within 24 hours. Our solution is cheaper than your regular staff rates and means you won’t have to hire or outsource extra staff.


Having a catalog of professionally edited images can help your distributors browse and discover products, but with hundreds or thousands of products from different suppliers, how long would it take you to photograph and edit photos for each product?

Pixc has been designed to integrate as seamlessly as possible with your business, and our services scale up or down with the number of images you need to be edited.

By utilizing Pixc, you can remove the need to have an in-house graphic designer editing photos, and save money by doing so.


Having great product photography is critical in eCommerce, but it can be particularly difficult when you are dropshipping and don’t always have ready access to products or to facilities that take professional photos.

The Pixc Retail Ready app can work with supplier images to create professional quality product photos for your store. Our service also means you don’t have to worry about creating a photography studio for your business.


We’re always happy to talk about how Pixc can meet your photo-editing needs. We’ve partnered with clients including Shopify, Sellbrite, and Zibbet to create custom solutions around their businesses, with a pricing model to match.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Rather than tell you how much we think we can benefit your store, we’d rather let our customers be the judge. OurRetail Ready Photos Shopify app is amongst the most popular Shopify tools, with a solid five-star rating and not a single 1 or 2-star review!

Here are the latest reviews from our Shopify App listing at the time of writing:

“HOLY MOLY!!!! I cant believe what an awesome job Pixc has done with the photos I sent to them!!
Other services i sent the photos too said it would take hours and would cost way too much, but it was not an issue for Pixc, they never whined or complained they just delivered RESULTS!!” 
— Michael Blast

“So happy to have found this app. Under 24 hours and your photos are back and edited.“ — Three Leaf Tea

“I sent over a few pictures that had a horrible grey background, ones that I was not able to get any whiter, they sent me back perfect photos for our website. I am going to use them for all our photos that need to be crisp and clear for the web. Customer service was knowledgeable and fast to reply to my email and we had a super fast turnaround on our photos.

Totally happy we found this app to add to our Shopify site!” — Hunter K9 Designs

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about how the Pixc Retail Ready app works and how it could benefit your business, check out our FAQ section where we try to answer all of our customer’s questions.

Our team are all passionate about eCommerce, so our eCommerce blog is always updated with the latest industry news and tips on getting the most out of your product photography.

We know that our service can improve your product photos and save you both time and money, and we want to prove it. That’s why new customers can have 10 images professionally edited, free of charge!

Install the app or contact us today to get started.

If you need help editing beautiful product photos for your Instagram, Pixc can help! See what we can do for you with a free photo edit today.

Pixc is an on demand product image editing service. Within 24 hours, we’ll remove the background and touch up your photos so that you can increase your online sales with better product images.

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