Clean Silver Jewelry

How To Clean Silver Jewelry
Cleaning silver jewelry can be done a few different ways, including with a silver polishing cloth, using a professional, store-bought best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, or by making a DIY jewelry cleaner at home.

Silver polishing cloths
It’s normal for sterling silver jewelry to tarnish, turning the beautiful silver to a brass-like color, or even a darker black. Using a silver polishing cloth is great for removing this tarnish and maintaining the shiny silver color. After just a few swipes of the silver polishing cloth, you will notice the tarnish — in the form of black residue — on the cloth and the silver color coming through. Use a polishing cloth when your silver jewelry is slightly tarnished, and usually right before you’re about to wear it (a few swipes of the silver polishing cloth can make it seem like you have on stunning white gold jewelry!)

Store Bought Jewelry Cleaners
Cleaning silver jewelry can also be done easily with a store bought jewelry cleaner. Blitz silver jewelry cleaner is a polish that you simply apply to your silver jewelry and then use a soft cloth or towel to rub/polish the tarnish off. Silver polish is a great idea for rings or necklaces that have stones that you don’t want to dip or soak in a liquid jewelry cleaner. According to the manufacturer, this silver jewelry polish is odor free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and made in the USA.

To clean silver jewelry with a liquid jewelry cleaner, check out Goddards jewelry cleaner. It includes a small brush to use for prongs and crevices, and a dipping tray that allows you to soak your jewelry and remove it from the solution easily. Customer reviews on say it cleans great and has a nice smell.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner for Silver Jewelry
If your sterling silver jewelry has been unworn for a number of years and has a thicker layer of tarnish all around it, a silver polishing cloth probably won’t do the trick. If you would rather make a DIY jewelry cleaner instead of buying a ready-made product, check out the post for ideas on how to clean silver jewelry that is heavily tarnished.

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