How to play Pixels and join our metaverse farming guild

4 min readMar 23, 2022


Pixels is a P2E game founded by our community member, which allows you to play with various NFTs as your character, such as your PixelBeast. We have purchased their Farmland NFTs to launch a metaverse farming guild, and we invite you to come farm with us!

If you’re familiar with the game already, jump to the bottom half to learn about our guild and how to join!

Current Status of Game

One of the joys of web3 is building with the community — Pixels is doing exactly this. We get to play the game as they build it, and provide feedback to help drive game design. Today, you’re able to farm and sell the produce at the market for in-game coins. Tokens will be launching soon.

To Start Playing, Complete 5 Quests

Before you can start farming, you need to complete five quests to receive all the tools you need to start farming. Jump into Terravilla to start. The quests involve walking around town and talking to various NPCs, but the Pixels community has put together a few friendly guides to make this part easy.

Left and right are two separate tutorials, slightly different. But should be helpful.

You can also check out these walk-throughs if that’s more up your alley:

Tips on Growing

Growing your crops can be a bit tricky. After you plant and water your crops, make sure to wait until they sprout before leaving and coming back to harvest. If you come back too late, the crops will go bad. The crops don’t always behave like you expect, so the guide on the left below is a tip that works for now (could change as team is fixing issues). The guide on the right is grow times based on crop.

How Farmland Works

Pixels Farmlands are NFTs where the owner can customize and upgrade their own farmland, and invite others to farm on them. Owners can set a tax on their land, which is collected when crop is harvested by guests. Standard tax is 5%, which is the rate for public farms (connected from Terravilla).

PixelBeasts Farming Guild

We own 9 farms as a community, 2 of which are set up and ready for you to come farm in. 100% of tax collected from our farms will be used to upgrade the farms, and possibly purchase more farmland or new games. Eventually, the use of these funds will be voted on by the community.

To join the guild, just start farming!

Once you’ve completed the 5 quests, jump into our two farms and start growing! Thanks to our early farmers, we’ve already collected 72 scarrots, 4 grumpkins, and 13 popberries, worth a total of 2999 coins.

Jump in the #pixels-farming channel we set up in our Discord to ask questions or share your farms!

Now, let’s get farming!!! 👩‍🌾

Left: PixelBeasts Farm (5% tax). Right: PixelBeasts Space Farm (25% tax).
Left: Store prices of various crops/items. Right: Slithering around as a Snek in Pixels




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