Well a lot of people, (myself included) like desktop apps way more then browser tabs.
Jakub Juszczak

Actually, I changed my stance on Electron over time, as I got to write some projects in it, trying it after not touching it for almost a year, and it has improved quite a bit, at least on the development side.

Also, on editors, I haven’t tried Atom in a while, but by now I really like VS Code, it runs pretty well (for an Electron-based application), which I did not really experience with Atom at first.

So, yeah…even thought I ended up accepting it more and more, I still have some points that let me prefer native applications, due to the RAM and application size factors (they have to pack node and chromium with each release, eating up at least 80 MB unpacked sometimes, I’d love to see shared libraries or something like that at some point).

I’m not really against the entire “move everything to webapp” movement, but I still miss a lot of optimizations to make it a really viable thing.

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