Cards Against Retrospring

Since a lot of people start writing questions with the “____ for ____” like “What would you put in the blanks”-style, I came up with this idea.

Since this is also pretty much the principle of Cards Against Humanity, why not making a community card-pack for Retrospring? User contributed calls and responses, I’m sure this will be a lot of fun!

How it will work

The currently most easy and known way to create custom packs for Cards Against Humanity, or it’s online version Pretend You’re Xyzzy is an online service called Cardcast, which is used to play Cards Against Humanity over Chromecast on TV sets, but also features a cardset editor.

I will ask 2 questions on Retrospring, one for Calls (also known as Black Cards) and one for Responses (the White Cards), where you (the user) can contribute anything (please nothing that harasses any other user), may it be funny, make sense or just anything that comes to your mind and you ever wanted to see on a set of cards!

Responses (White Cards):

Calls (Black Cards):

If you have multiple Calls or Responses you want to add, please write them in one answer, or if you have any ideas later, add them as a comment to your answer.

The format for calls is “My name is _” with one underscore for a replacement for the Response, there can be a maximum of 3 responses for one Call card (3 underscores set in one). A Response can simply be anything: A name, a phrase, a thing, anything that comes to your mind.

Once we have enough Black and White cards we will publish the link and code for the cardset on this blogpost and on Twitter!

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