In my last post I was talking about TDE and it’s developer. Since then, a lot of different things have been developed out of this post and situation, I also found out a really bad behaviour of them against the OSS community (as in stealing my code without crediting me and argumenting it with “It’s my codebase, I can do whatever I want to do to it”), also trying to enforce a new license on forks that were made before the initial repository, which is definitely nothing the maintainers of the forks have to do. So well, TDE was a pretty good idea, but it failed in execution entirely.

So, with this post I’m going to announce work on my own TweetDeck extension script called Rehatch which I’ll try to bring to every (new) browser supporting extensions properly and trying to do stuff better than other people tried before.

Rehatch’s goals will be:

  • consistent coding style and not trying to mix up jQuery and Javascript every few lines to change/remove/add new elements.
  • a proper injecting and loading script
  • enabling webfont support for at least one trusted source
  • using less.js to write CSS split in multiple files and keeping files smaller and cleaner overall
  • adding more functionality to TweetDeck and extending it with more stuff over time (what will be added can be discussed, of course)
  • and even more, but these are the main goals so far!

I’ll definitely post more about the development of Rehatch on my Twitter in the next days/weeks, so be sure to check it out!

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