Do NOT Let Them Make A Saint Of This Asshole
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin, you’ve crossed the lines of decency. I don’t care if I agree or disagree with someone’s actions or their life’s choices…if I support them or not... McCain JUST passed away, his family is in mourning and you write something like this, shame on you.

You don’t represent anyone, and definitely not someone like myself, who promotes peace, unity, liberty and equality for all…and I doubt those who clap your article realize that while condoning hate, war and evil, you yourself sow it with your words and brainwashing. I respected one thing about John McCain and that was his unapologetic loyalty to what >>he believed<< America stood for, even if he had to go against his party. Do I agree with him supporting war in Iraq? No but I know he went to war knowing what would happen if the war was lost. I personally support no wars but I would NEVER write something you just wrote on someone’s deathbed. In fact, I’m reading this article the day after they announced his passing. Your hatred is just as extreme as any other, blinding your compassion and at least standing up to world’s evil with a better behavior…you are just like all of those you despise, by choosing to disrespect any human being on their deathbed.

There are just lines a human beings should not cross and timing is everything. I lost all respect for you, and your words have no impact on me or meaning because of your lack of tact. You have deflated your own roar by demonstrating cruelty. This is so out of place, so cruel to his family…even if this was Trump who is a mistake on all levels, I would have the respect, the decency, the tact to know better and allow his family and children to mourn in peace. You don’t know right from wrong to talk about others mistakes or how the world should be while doing nothing to make it better. I’m just shocked any person, especially one who understands the power of words, would do this. Despicable. Stop writing nonsense and do something to make the world a better place.