Interface for 1000 floors Elevator
Aayush Jain

You already made the assumption that there would be a single lift to the building, which would not ideally be the case. But now that you have made the assumption, the single lift should probably have multiple such control panels. Awaiting their turn to enter the desired floor could be a nuisance. And we have seen the way people get into a lift and how they try and stay near the door so that they can get out faster instead of juggling their way through co-passengers.

One could also consider an app so that people can enter their floor on their own devices instead of having to wait for their turn at the control panel on the lift. Ofcourse it should work only when the user is in close proximity or only when he is in the lift.

A few other points I would make here:
• Since the lift is moving in just one direction, the touch-screen should eliminate the no. of floors already covered.
•It could also show just one direction arrow instead of showing the other one disabled. That would reduce clutter.
•I am not sure how total stops would add value to the passengers. Whom is it relevant for? 
•The next stop timer could be placed right next to the floor no. So it would be the arrow, floor no and ETA
•Scrolling through these many numbers would still be cumbersome so may be it should jump every 50th or 100th floor and on tap expand to show more in-between floors

If multi-elevators were used, they could be serving only specific range of floors so that the stoppages are lesser. 
Eg. If there are two elevators, they would serve this way — Lift One: 1–250 and 501–750 and Lift Two: 251 to 500 and 751 to 1000 or other similar splits

I like Adhithya’s point of view on this and can completely understand when he says ‘No Interface’. So the interface could be secondary and the RFID cards primary mode of navigation here.

Overall an interesting challenge to solve