The ‘Golden Age’ of Technology
Leanne Pickering

Great article, really solid point I’ve seen happening a lot. With every bit of audience research I’ve done for various clients I’ve found more and more that the generation you are talking about is far more connected than they are given credit for, but it’s down to fairly specific reasons.

In a nutshell it’s you.

Grandparents of the connected young who have busy social and digital lives see the most obvious methods for staying in touch, and are prepared to learn how to use them to ensure they have a healthy relationship with their families, even if it’s just digital. This seems to be in contrast with their own children, the parents of the people they are staying in touch with. The inbetween generation always seems to have a surprising challenge when it comes to adopting digital, whether it’s due to pre or post retirement I’m not sure, but one thing is for certain, the older age bracket is challenging our ideas of digital consumers.

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