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I think there will always be space for more of the academic and practical areas of ‘design’, such as design psychology, film & video and some of the more traditional areas of typography (courses in which have been steadily dwindling since I studied it *cough* a while ago), but as our industry moves at breakneck pace keeping abreast of changing standards, techniques, technology and trends invariably requires you to be practicing them daily to understand them enough to teach, which is fairly time intensive in itself and tends to prohibit having any time left to be a part of the design education system (I challenge anyone who thinks they can effectively spread themselves between both).

Modern advances in design are discoverable the second that they raise their head above the ground, albeit not always understood, so I think professional designers have a duty to help and guide those new to the field and hungry to learn. We’ve all been there and probably have a story about someone who’s given us the same opportunity to learn from them, and if we don’t help new designers understand the awesome potential of this craft then their creative talent could be wasted or even misdirected.

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