Sketch 3.7 and New Symbols

Dudes, be nice to this hard working team! There are so many ways of working within an app that most certain not everyone can be satistied. In this regards I like to mention this interview from Geoff Teehan here on Medium in which he talks with Pieter Omvlee, founder of Sketch.

Read the blog post, hadn’t had the chance to check it out in the flesh. To me this Symbols-update is a major step forward. But then again, things can break when moving forward. Like plugins which fill in the gaps, like Craft did. But hopefully the team is aware of the inevitable issues popping up when creating software.

Working with Symbols confused me because of their dualistic nature. In that sense this update makes me happy. But I still want to change Symbols in context. Because designing is iterating on decisions, not a set in stone kind of exercise.

Besides this Symbols-thing there is however one tiny typo in the Make Grid dialog — and now I’m nit-picking — but the helptext says “Choose rows, columns and padding” while the inputs have the labels “rows”, “columns” and “margin”…

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