My quest to run a 1000-person company from an iPhone
Ryan Holmes

Good job. There are some apps that are fantastic on desktop (Freshbooks) and the shortcuts I really need on a daily basis just aren’t available on their app. (Today, I haven’t been bumped to the Freshbooks redesign, but I’m told it’s coming) — I even contacted them to threaten leaving for greener pastures ( is amazing, and completely responsive/OBVIOUSLY mobile first was there from the beginning) but client/project/account migration would be a nightmare. Same issue with Teamwork PM: everything is perfect on desktop, but the Teamwork app is just hard to use in comparison. Mobile obviously can be confining; desktop allows you to zoom out and breathe a little, but for focus— mobile has desktop beat on focus, for the simple fact that I need to get this thing added/copied/pasted/cut/spoken/edited/sent before I lose it.

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