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The love for hating Trump is killing me.

When I took a break from Social Media…

Three weeks ago, I uninstalled all social apps on the iPhone and signed-out of everything on the desktop. I decided to keep Instagram, as I’m mostly just a picture-poster. I’ve even installed the 1Focus app to keep me on the straight and narrow.


I don’t need to explain the ADHD mind and the chemical effects of Dopamine on the brain. Let me just say: the love for hating Trump is killing me.

I got tired of shouting into the void about that little man. I started to seek out and make friends people who share the same opinion — the obvious point of social media, right? I started to see that we’re all charged with the duty to kill ignorance with our posts, replies, and reposts. Write a draft, edit, google facts, edit more and release the stinker into a timeline. Return to see if it was read, accepted, liked or reposted. Reload and do it all over again.

Hours would go by and project timelines would slip. Even on days when I was completely caught up on the current news of the moment, I would have an urge to just make quick checks inside Twitter. I would even say “no rabbit holes today; just get in and get out”, but the pull was too strong. Clearly, I was addicted.

I’ve never had this problem with other topics on Twitter. I could see the other side of Design posts. I knew if I watched a funny video, I would be done in a few minutes and would be back onboard with my life. The attraction was way too strong to avoid.

After unplugging, I can honestly say that it’s amazing out here. I’M AMAZING OUT HERE. I can focus on creative tasks, my work is much better and I’m much more organized. I breathe.

What’s next?

When seeing something hilarious/interesting, I still get the urge to share it, but knowing that sharing isn’t an option washes it right away. I’m now using Google Keep to grab “future thoughts when returning to Twitter”. This “compartmentalizing ketchup-sized packets of Dopamine” seems to work. (You and I both know these Twitter drafts will never see the light of day.)

Until this nightmare president is out of office, I either need to avoid Twitter completely or to unfriend all the people I met in 2017.

Join me out here in the real world, won’t you?