What I’m Only Just Beginning to Learn

June 2015 is winding down to a close, and with it, a lot of first year expectations, but with it, are a lot of unimaginable opportunities and friendships that I’ve seized with hands, legs and other body appendages. But I’ve learnt a couple of things, as an independent filmmaker, a human being, an entrepreneur, and a “do everything else you think you can possibly do” kind of guy. No Big reveals really, but maybe the benefit of hindsight. So without much ado, here goes.

Friendships are kind of a big deal, especially among people with shared interests. Although there are days I’d rather be in front of my computer for hours on end, hours I’ve never had to regret in all honesty.

Building an app, service, or making a Film are kind of the same thing. First is the idea of what you’re trying to do should be about, next is the fear that not many people will share your enthusiasm or be as enthusiastic as you are, then you’ll find people who are equally, sometimes even more enthused about the project than you, after which you’ll realize you don’t have enough money to pay them all. Once you’ve sorted that out, you realize that you want to scale the project, so it’s no longer a short film, it’s no longer just a website, it’s no longer just an in-house solution and with the thought of scaling comes the need to revisit the drawing board and arrrrgh, why did you have to have an ambition in the first place??😂

“Inbox zero” as a concept is a myth, especially if you live and work in Lagos and deal with Lagos people with finicky schedules, on one hand electricity is better now, so damn the health nuts and do three hours of sleep at night, and quick power naps in the bus or when waiting for big shots in their offices. Hopefully that’ll make you more effective, or learn to be ’lazy’ and delegate stuff and do just a bit less than you’d usually put on your agenda.

Never disregard the person who’s trying to give you advice. Some may look stuck up, have funny accents and talk to you like they want to ‘school you’ but listen to them and nod politely anyway. Sometimes they end up being really resourceful, other times it’s for the pleasure of being able to walk up to them so you can say ‘you no that advice you gave me regarding that stuff? Aren’t you glad I didn’t take it?’

Nigerian bosses have a knack for hiring the least knowledgeable people, I don’t know how to explain it, I’ve just walked into organizations one too many times to discover that Oga and second in charge have extremely different ideas on where the company or product or brand, is headed.

Scribble stuff in a notepad instead of your phone, unless it’s evernote and you have cloud sync. Basically all those great ideas you wrote last year but never got around to doing this year will be useful in the next two years, so keep them handy.

Live your life on your own terms, all that one day at a time, one week at a time something is one kind jare. Unless you’ve got a way to calculate the variable called living, or live in a vacuum, you’d always keep getting stuff thrown your way to mess with your schedule, especially when you don’t have the constraints of a nine to five job.

Fight your way out of cynicism. Nigeria is admittedly full of situations that breed cynics and spurs cynicism, after doing all you can, you’ll realize that you have a 50/50 chance at best. No really, forget all the various factors and figures that promise you a higher margin for success because you’ve laid the groundwork cos according to the urban proverb ELKAFT, now paraphrased to accentuate my point ‘Shit can go wrong Any F**king Time' so get on Nike’s bandwagon and ‘just do it’

If you ever feel depressed, frustrated, etc, have a habit, a healthy one mind you, to take the stress off. Visit bants twitter( pro tip, check for memes created by a certain @chuzzus and the troll cabal is pretty dope too), watch the big bang theory, play video games or candy crush, eat your sorrows away, or even have a good cry (pro tip, record yourself while crying, as a reminder of how outrageously silly and helpless you looked while doing that)

Other sundry things I’ve learnt include the need to avoid chatting with your landlord, unless you’re looking to age thirty years, referring to yourself in the third person when you’re not a movie character is pretty dumb, and the fact that I’ve missed blogging reasonable stuff so I’d be here often to talk movies and film making and post production and other stuff, see ya!!

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