The Revolutionary 3D display (3D Holographic Display)

The Revolutionary 3D display (3D Holographic Display)

Nowadays, technology has been changing day by day up to greatest level and the wide range of inventions available for the public that shift our way of living to up the next level. One of them is holography, the art of 3D displays has shifted into the possibility of projecting 3D holographic images. 3D holographic displays have been around for a relatively short time, but their functionality suggests a revolution in how we present things.

Who’s using 3D Holographic Projection Technology(3D Holographic Display)

Large companies have now turned their methods of presenting by using interactive 3D holographic displays. 3D holographic Projection (3D Holographic Display) gives a wide range of presentation techniques for use in various different fields. Every industry from the automotive industry to large consumer producers FMCG companies, use 3D holographic displays when it comes to presenting their products.

Apart from these, Our company “RIVOX” provide you the latest growing 3D Holographic Projection technology. In the fierce competitive environment of any business, you can always one step ahead and leave the greatest impact on your potential users by using our PIXELO — 3D Holographic Display (3D Holographic Projection technology). A lasting effect of our company’s 3D Holographic Display always seems to take place in the eyes of the viewer.

Hologram projection is a no-glasses 3D technology; viewers can see the three-dimensional virtual characters.It is also known as 3d hologram projector, 3d projection system, 3d projection technology, 3d holo box, 3d hologram projection technology etc.

RIVOX is a manufacturer and supplier of PIXELO (3D Holographic Display Unit, 3D hologram projection technology) based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. RIVOX manufacture 3D Holographic Display for sale and rental too. We supply our products in different cities and states like Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and many corners of India.

As per the size of these projections is concerned RIVOX supply as small as a 7” inch to the stage size hologram display. The large ones are used predominantly for retail, exhibitions and point of sale advertising. The hologram display can be made according to the requirements of clients; it can be 42”, 55”, 65” and 84” to stage size large 3D Hologram Display.

For more details about 3d hologram projection technology; please visit PIXELO website:

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3D Holographic Display
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