A couple of articles related to how early returns work crossed my path recently, enough to pique my curiosity. Learning about early returns in JS has been not only a challenging technical exploration, but also pretty fun. In researching the concept, I remembered how much I enjoy learning something for…

Swiss Alps, not Skyrim, but it’s a lot like it!

Skyrim is an old game, but I hadn’t really played it. I had it for the Xbox 360, but all I had done was run around collecting cabbages. I never made it passed Whiterun. It wasn’t that I was bored, particularly, but other games held my attention a bit better.

I love the idea of living in a tiny house, something portable and just big enough to fit the essentials. While I don’t know if I would be happy living in one myself, I do love learning about them.

I was watching some video tours of tiny houses recently and…

I’d like to talk a bit about the failure I experienced recently. Unlike most failed endeavors, this one was one of those rare “good” failures.

Sometimes failure leaves you feeling empty and like you completely suck at whatever it is you attempted. That feeling is familiar to a lot of…

Jennifer Parsons

coder. writer. comic geek. old crone. tea snob. vegetarian. lunastationquarterly.com | selfcare.tech | jenniferlynparsons.net

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