3D ghost mannequins- From imagination to reality groove

This blog is originally posted on PixelPhant

3D ghost mannequin is a process of adding realistic features to the product and creating an illusion of presence of a mannequin. All the characteristics of a mannequin is present without its visibility.

A 3D ghost mannequin makes your product image look professional and presentable. Other than that, 3D ghost mannequins have a lot of benefits which includes:

  1. The product appears more appealing and persuasive.
  2. Add a realistic touch to the products without any hassle.
  3. Reveals the idea of dimensions and size and other features of the product.

4. Allow the view of product in 3D environment.

5. Costs far less than the other substitutes such as real mannequins and model.

6. Takes less time and efforts.

Reveal the full potential of your images by adding 3D ghost mannequin effect.