Pixel Pirates Game

  • Multiple journey (staking) options
  • Variable rewards
  • 2 Different enemies with distinct interactions
  • Take too much risk, you might die


Pirates are NFTs stored in an ERC-721 contract. They can be male or female and are generated via code out of a combination of 10 different traits:

Sea Monsters

There are two types of sea monsters the pirates are afraid of, both stored in the same ERC-721 contract as the Pirates:

$GOLD / Tokenomics

Pixel Pirates’ token is stored in an ERC-20 contract, and represents the in-game reward and currency.

$GOLD bank


Metadata and pixel art are fully stored on-chain. No IPFS or APIs.

$GOLD bonding curve
  • Genesis (#1–12,000): 0.06789 ETH
  • Age 1 (#12,001–20,000): 12 $GOLD
  • Age 2 (#20,001–36,000): 24 $GOLD
  • Age 3 (#36,001–60,000): 48 $GOLD

Did Anyone Say Season 2?

A dead Pirate is a lost NFT in the Ethereum Blockchain, it finds the 0x000 address, the blockchain black hole. But fear not! Who can really tell if he/she will become a cursed soul and make a ghostly appearance in Pixel Pirate’s second act?


Undeniably, @wolfdotgame led the way in popularizing NFT PVE games. With its share of problems, they were able to overcome the challenges and rise above them.
@wndgame upped the game in the scene, with their new sacrifice mechanics and all the great bug-fixes. Their code was the base code used in the making of Pixel Pirates Game.



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