The beauty of simplicity.

Why this website has nothing, yet everything.

‘Bisou’ Hair Salon Concept


Would you ever look at this website 👆 and say “What do I do now?”. Chances are you might, but then you’d get it. You’re there for a purpose. Nobody would visit a hair salon website and go “Where’s the news?” or “What does the stock market look like today?”.

Even if you do happen to be that person 🙄, it’s alright; this website does not have much for you to continue being flummoxed! On the contrary, you’d snap out of your dilemma almost instantaneously and conclude that you’d have to do either one of these two things:

  1. Click that big button on the top, or
  2. Just scroll

There’s a 50–50, or let’s be realistic and keep it at 60–40 (heck, even 80–20 for arguments sake!) chance of scrolling first rather than clicking the button, because there’s clarity in what that button wants to achieve–Book an Appointment. What else would you expect it to do?

“Ugh, I know what that button does, now let’s move on and scroll!

Humans are impatient by nature, hence the scale tipping in favor of scrolling first, coupled with an initial haphazard cursor motion (which turns out to be really useful for this particular website! Read on, it gets better.)

We’re not going to probe into the finer details of what’s below the fold, but rather on how one would interact on experiencing the interface above it. Either way it’s a win for the business. People who know what they’re looking for book the service that’s being offered; and the rest, just scroll.

“Great, another hipster website.”

Perhaps, but there’s a kicker…

Function made fashionable.

Recall that chaotic cursor movement we talked about? It’s not uncommon; everyone does it. But rarely has it been taken advantage of in such a way, and for such a purpose.

When building this concept we thought, what’s that one unexpected feature that would blow the user away? The “user” in this case being an actual customer or the everyday window-shopper.

It was vital that it should be above the fold, unannounced and most of all, be useful. And here’s where we believe we came up with something so unique, it would be almost too good not to try out.

The website might seem unassuming, utilitarian and to the point at first but, there’s something more to it that meets the eye:

Hovering over the large logo initiates a discount card, ready for print!
Ready for print on hover

Our sentiments exactly when we first came up with it. The render above speaks for itself;

  1. The blurred out background image now appearing as the background of your cut-out, ready for print.
  2. The subtle secondary call to action print icon on the top left.
  3. The elegantly laid out service numbers.

Even if you were just the casual window-shopper, hitting that print icon sure is tempting. And why not? How cool would it be to own a discount card that looks like this?:

Shut up and take my money!

This is not only a great value proposition for the business, but an excellent marketing tool! Not to forget an actual functioning discount card.

To sum things up,

You’ve managed to get the user intrigued; the site alone looks gorgeous; the kicker is your shiny nickel and the customers keep on coming!

No gimmicks here, this website just works.