Hi Yvonne,
Carl Tennenbaum

Carl thanks for your response and also for doing this here on medium, trying to help us see all the sides.
Another commentor posted a link to a youtube video.
I couldn’t watch the whole video. Just an officer shouting at me for minutes would have me loose all my nerves. Maybe I seem naive because I am from Germany and just try to make sense of what I see from the US all over the internet by comparing how it is in Germany. It’s just so much different out here.

People still don’t love the police entirely, but most of the time officers are respected because most of them act respectful, they almost never shout or scream, they always talk first and raise questions and observe first, never have I heard of a policemen or women walking towards a suspect with a raised gun.

I believe that there is a choice to deescalate instead of escalating a situation.