3D Logo Design — Reviews and Features

There is no ambiguity that a logo is a trademark of any brand. It is going to delineate you as a brand. One way to attain your client’s attention is by shifting to three-dimensional or 3D logo design. They have proved to grab customer’s attention better than any other form of visual identity. The increased demand has predestined the businesses to cater to customer needs in the form of attractive and imaginative 3D logos. However, considering all the hype and perks associated with it, if not done right, a 3D logo can substantially erode your brands image!


3D logo design reviews by the customers and critics has a significant impact on the fate of any logo design firm. Thousands of reviews are submitted daily by customers via different online platforms based on their personal experiences. The reviews influence the decision of other customers before they make a buying decision. These reviews coerce the agencies to take into accounts customer demands and come up with intriguing designs that concur to their expectations.

Apart from influencing and helping design firms make informed decision, reviews also help other people in making a knowledgeable decision regarding getting a 3D logo design for themselves. They can read critic blogs and forum discussions about trending concepts in 3D logos, which will eventually help them in designing their own logo.

If you are wondering what kind of 3D logos have the best reviews, these are the three dominant features according to customer reviews associated with an impactful logo.


Simple is superior. This tip is often disregarded by brands as they try to install too many complications in a logo design. The onlooker must be able to grasp the core value and aesthetics of a 3D logo design in a single glance. Complex designs will make them fall prey to cynicism, which can be a disaster for your brand as it would not account for any brand identity. A simpler logo design always have a higher retention rate, which is obvious in so many top brands of the world. Brands like Sony Eriksson and Beats are evident examples of a simple yet impactful 3D logos.


Relevance to the business in the design is imperative to customers. You need to design your 3D logo as such that it connects with your products and services. Many 3D designs are very well created with proper scaling but they are not able to connect with the core competencies of a brand. A visually pleasing 3D logo design is just not enough. Even with the retention factor, the onlooker would have a difficulty in relating the logo to your brand.

It is important for you to consider these valuable suggestions, when you decide to opt for a 3D logo.

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