5 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Website

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In order to be competitive, a website must not only look good, but also perform to the expectations of a user — so much so that they would instantly redirect friends and family to your website. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there isn’t a perfect website developed yet — I mean strictly without error. From news websites, to that of products of the shelves, there is always that room for improvement or “could have been better if only” factor left!

One must be able to speak his mind in order to understand what’s wrong or right with a given website! A 2 way connection of accepting faults and rectifying them plus, understanding that a different website or website design, or website developer got it way better than you did.

This allows a website designer to cross his current limitations as he’s ready to upgrade to the next level.

Over Joy — No Search Box?

What happens when you know you’ve created a website that you only imagined would look like — and it does! 
 Your excited and jumpy, but forget to code in that search option within the website. A website for any organization or product can be fragmented in to various answer or miniature products or parts of it. When a user tries to search, it means they intend to shorten time on the website and get to the product of interest immediately. A suggestion on the Google Custom Search is still a validating point — thus not only helping users to search your complete website, but save time — By just copying the HTML code from the control panel and pasting it on your website and automatically you would see the search engine enabled.

Use of Animation

There are cinema graphs and storytelling websites, which are all perfect in terms of educating a user. Nevertheless, the word overkill can be redefined with certain websites and the excessive use of animation.

Animated logos, or high quality cinema graphs are based on a certain story or an individual product. But the use of animated logos every now and then within a website would certainly look odd and have a negative impact on the end user. To aid the error, animated font and color would only hamper the complete product in a matter of a few seconds.

A one-time animated logo or design could definitely pump the complete website design. 
 Maintain a unified consistent look and automatically attract clientele, as there is no city as simply-city.

Complicated Registration on a Website

There was a time when, you would probably enter your complete date of birth, email address, First Name, Last Name, Surname, plus the reason for your logging in to a particular website. Those days are long gone. Now with the supreme existence of the globally charged social media, all one would ideally need to do is access via, Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter e.t.c. A one click away registration would not only aid the user with complete access to your website, but also help with information on the personalized application of a website.

Even if you do not have a social media back link for registration or signups on your website, the registration form must be easy to coherently fill information and submit. The number of questions asked while registering should only pertain to First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password and Confirm Password as show below:

Image Credits: https://www.webresourcesfree.com/

Speed of Pages — Server

The number of websites today including the ones that report news and important updates have ‘0’ excuses to be slow. Once a website is slow, it automatically ticks the user to an alternative website. Based on a study with online shopping, it was noted that an average shopper would approximately wait for 4 seconds, before moving away to another website. 
 Check on Flash Plug ins, Images that are large could be on a lower resolution. Try to make sure that the complete website loads in 0–4 or 0–5 seconds approximately. 
 Test Everything — Prelaunch

A website design is incomplete without trial and error. But if you don’t find any, it doesn’t mean that you have struck gold. There is always something lurking in the shadows — waiting to be a surprise of an error. Test the webpage functionality, give it a third party view. Understand that it is compatible with all browsers, confirm whether its design layout is age responsive.

Sign in sign out, register, make blunders, check responses. A website design is incomplete if there aren’t any errors found.